Crane and Boom Truck Safety Sticker Kit


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Crane and Boom Truck Safety Sticker Kit Include the Following Safety Decals:

Quantity - Safety Decal

2 - Sign-001 Operate Safely, Power Line Clearance, Two Block & Do Not Hoist

2 - H-001 Hand Signal Charts

2 - EC-002 Power Line Clearance Requirements

2 - EC-003 Power Line Clearance Requirements

2 - CSr-001 Superstructure Rotation

2 - CBt-001 Two Block Danger

2 - FC-002 Three Point Ingress & Egress

5 - CO-001 Outrigger Crush Hazard

2 - I-001 Failure To Secure Boom

2 - IC-001 Untrained Operator

2 - FB-001 Riding On Boom Etc.

2 - I-002 Fire Extinguisher

2 - I-007 Diesel Fuel

1 - I-006 Hydraulic Oil

1 - I-019 Check Fluids

31 Crane Safety Stickers In Total.

Crane and Boom Truck Safety Sticker Kit contains all the boom truck safety decals you need for most cranes to pass certification.

Electrical Hazard, Crush Hazard, Fall Hazard, Inspection Decal, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Oil, Two Block, Three-Point Egress, Power Line Clarence, Hand Signal Charts, Untrained Operator, and more.

Purchase both Spanish (KIT-001SP) and English (KIT-001) to make Bilingual Labels for your crane, and receive 15% off each! Here is your Bilingual Crane Safety Sticker Kit.