Free USPS Shipping on Orders Over $35

Free USPS Shipping on Orders Over $35

A2B Cable for Cranes and Bucket Trucks


Anti 2 Block Wire, Also Known As, Anti Two Block Cable, A2B Cable, or Anti Two Block Wire.

This is a High-quality A2B cable for your crane or bucket truck. The black outer coating is oil and UV-resistant, The Strong inner shield and cable are made to last.

Anti 2 Block Wire Lengths are 110 feet, 135 feet, 145 feet, and 165 feet.

If you wish to order a custom length of cable than this please contact us. Phone: 419-677-5035

Here Are Some Common Anti Two Block Questions and Answers.

What is Two Blocking on a crane?

When the lower load block (or hook assembly) comes in contact with or hits the upper load block (or boom point).

Why is anti two blocking required?

Anti two blocking systems are used to warn the crane operator or halt the crane due to unsafe upward movement of the hook.

What does an anti-two-blocking system prevent?

Anti two blocking systems prevent unintentional contact between the hook and boom point causing failure in the hoist line.

Is an anti-two blocking system required by OSHA?

If a crane had a previous A2B system, or if a crane manufacturer date is 1992 and newer, and any crane that lifts personnel are required to have an anti-two block system installed.