Annual Crane Inspection Stickers

Annual Crane Inspection Decals.

We all know, that every year OSHA requires your crane to pass an inspection using these annual crane inspection requirements. As much as it is a hassle for the crane owner, yearly inspections are designed to keep everyone safe. Keeping that in mind we have stickers to be placed on each crane you inspect.

Our crane inspection tags are easy to use, with a permanent marker fill in the inspection number, and add your signature. Dates are provided around the edges to show the month and year the crane needs to be inspected again. We recommend marking this date with a standard hole punch. Just punch a hole through the month and the year the next crane inspection is due.

If you would like the ease of not having to use a marker we would be happy to print your company name or logo on some Custom Annual Crane Inspection Stickers.

If you are looking for Annual Vehicle Inspection Reports we have them also. 

Each sticker can only be used one time, But this annual inspection sticker has 4 consecutive years on each one so you can keep some in stock if needed. If you do not use them this year do not worry they have 3 more years in which you can use them.

The size of these Annual Crane Inspection Stickersis 3 3/4 inches by 3 3/16 inches.

Our Safety Labels make it easy to put important reminders in the necessary places. Your safety comes first! Our safety labels come in a variety of sizes, are cost-effective, and are laminated for durability from grease, oil, and everyday wear & tear.

Our labels are created from durable materials, are impactful & serve as critical reminders on safe workplace tactics.

Our Crane Inspection Decals are created, printed, cut, and shipped in the USA.

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