Manitex, Terex, UNIC, Fassi Crane Lever Control Labels

Manitex Crane, Terex Crane, UNIC Crane and Fassi Crane Lever Control Labels replacement Decals, Crane Control Stickers.

Crane Control Labels for Manitex Crane and Terex crane controls.

You are getting 32 control labels on each sheet. The labels are printed with;

Outrigger Other Side Ext/Ret

Outrigger This Side Ext/Ret

Outrigger Ext/Ret

Front Outrigger Down/UP

Stabilizer This Side Ext/Ret

Stabilizer Other Side Ext/Ret

Stabilizer Ext/Ret

Hoist Down/UP

Rotation Left/Right

Hoist Hi Speed Down/UP

And More.

Accessory Open/Close

Stab Beam Out/In

O/R Beam Out/In

Telescope Out/In

Jack Cylinder Up/Down

Aux Hoist Down/Up

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