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Backhoe Safety Sticker kit


Backhoe Safety Sticker kit.

This Kit has every backhoe sticker needed to keep your operators and workers safe on the job site. You will find backhoe decals for dangers and warning and for backhoe maintenance like grease here, Check fluids daily etc. Each Backhoe Safety Sticker Kit has decals that are laminated to protect from water, UV, Oils, hands etc.

This Kit Includes The Following Backhoe Stickers:

10 - I-035 Grease Here

4 - CBH-001 Crush Hazard Do Not Stand Under Unsupported Load Backhoe

4 - C-002 Pinch Point Crush

2 - C-003 Proximity Danger

2 - EC-009 Electrical Hazard

1 - I-006 Hydraulic Oil

1 - I-007 Diesel Fuel

1 - I-011B Read Operators Manual

1 - I-018 Notice Check Fluids

1 - I-042 Never Leave An Unsafe Machine

1 - I-046 Never Dig

1 - I-040 Inspect Machine Before Use

1 - WRN-003 Battery Fire Hazard Warning


30 Backhoe Stickers In Total.

Backhoe Sticker Kit contains all the stickers you need for most Backhoe's to pass certification. Electrical Hazard, Crush Hazard, Fall Hazard, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Oil,  Grease Here, Check Fluids, Battery Hazard, Never Dig and more.

You will find all your backhoe stickers here.