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Outrigger Operating Instructions Sticker in Spanish


Outrigger Operating Instructions Sticker Printed in Spanish with.


• Coloqu el interruptor selector deseado del estabilizador en "viga o estabilizador".
• Coloque el interruptor de extension / retraccion en la direccion deseada.
• Suelte el interruptor selector de estabilizador cuando la viga o el estabilizador alcancen la posicion deseada.
• Suelte el interruptor de extension / retraccion.

The English Translation is.

Outrigger Operating instructions

  • Position the desired outrigger selector switch to beam or stabilizer.

  • Position extension/retraction switch for desired direction.

  • Release outrigger selector switch when beam or stabilizer reaches desired position.

  • Release extension/retraction switch.

Spanish Outrigger Operating Instructions Stickers size 4 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

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