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Spanish Crane Turn Stop Operation Labels operacion de parade de giro


Spanish Crane Turn Stop Operation Label Printed in Spanish With.


Esta grua es una unidad giratoria no continua y esta equipada con un tope de rotacion mecanico.

• el tope de rotacion empuja la palanca de control de giro hacia el centro y la rotacion de la pluma se detiene en la parte del chasis.

• En las gras montadas en la parte trasera, gire la pluma sobre el lado del pasajero del chasis cuando este guardando y desmontando.

The English Translation is.

Turn Stop Operation.

  • This crane is a NON-CONTINUOUS rotating unit and is equipped with a mechanical rotation stop.

  • The rotation stop pulls the turn control lever back to center and the boom rotation is stopped over the front of the chassis.

  • On rear-mounted cranes, rotate the boom over the passenger side of the chassis when stowing and unstowing.

The Spanish Crane Turn Stop Operation Label size is 8 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall.

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