Important Operating Instructions Vehicle Must Be Parked and Stabilized Sticker

Bucket Truck Safety Sticker.

This bucket truck sticker is printed with,



Failure to Obey the Following Instructions Will
Result in Death or Serious Injury.

• The vehicle must be securely parked, driveline disengaged, and unit properly stabilized prior to operation.
• Outriggers (if equipped) must be properly extended to a firm surface.
• Operate all controls slowly and smoothly.
• Be certain all controls are returned to neutral after each operation.
• Personnel must use proper fall protection and any required protective equipment.
• Do not exceed crane capacity as shown on load charts. Do not lift loads that are attached or stuck to the ground.
• Never operate the crane with personnel located under load or boom.
• Never move the vehicle until boom and outriggers are properly stowed and secure.
• Refer to the Operator's Manual for complete instructions. Keep the operator's manual in crane and easily accessible to the operator.

Bucket Truck Sticker Size 5 inches x 4 inches

Non-OEM Replacement For 670-40228D