Free USPS Shipping on Orders Over $35

Free USPS Shipping on Orders Over $35

Directional Decal With Yellow and Blue North South East and West


Directional Overhead Crane Decal Printed With Yellow and Blue North, South, East, and West Arrows.

Check the north, south, east, and west arrow configuration and make sure it matches your application when installed. 

Printed in yellow and blue on high-quality sticky vinyl these overhead crane directional decals are easy to read and visible from a distance. This helps ensure the safe and proper operation of your overhead crane. 

Our stock sizes are 5 inches (DIR-006-5), 6 inches (DIR-006-6), 7 inches (DIR-006-7), 8 inches (DIR-006-8), 12.5 Inches (DIR-006-12.5) 14 inches (DIR-006-14) 20 Inches (DIR-006-20) and 24 inches (DIR-006-24). We can custom-create this decal in any size or color, contact us for details