Pinch Point Safety Sticker Printing with Detachable Arrow

Pinch Point Safety Sticker With Detachable Arrow. (1 Piece or 5 decals per pack)

Pinch Point Danger and Arrow are two separate pieces combined into one sticker.

You are buying 1 Piece or 5 decals per pack of our Pinch Point Safety Decals with removable arrow. The image you see is considered one sticker. You can buy any quantity of 1 or of 5 stickers packs for a discount.

The Safety Decal sizes are:

DANGER PINCH POINT Decal - 4 3/4" wide 3 3/4" tall.

Removable Arrow Decal - 3 3/4" Tall 1 1/8" Wide

Our Safety Labels make it easy to put important reminders in the necessary places. Safety comes first! Our safety labels come in a variety of sizes, are cost-effective and are laminated for durability from grease, oil, and everyday wear & tear.

Our labels meet ANSI standards for safety protocol and compliance.  Our labels are created from durable materials, are impactful & serve as critical reminders on safe workplace tactics.

Our labels are created, printed, cut and shipped in the USA.

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