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Free USPS Shipping on Orders Over $35

Banksman Hand Signals Chart


The duties of a banksman are important to everyone's safety. Good communication between the banksman and the operator is essential on a job site. When communication is at its best jobs get done faster and people stay safe.

This Banksman Hand Signal Diagram is printed with the following hand signals.

  • Danger - Emergency Stop
  • Start - Attention Start of Command
  • Stop - Interruption of Movement
  • End - End of Operation
  • Raise
  • Lower
  • Vertical Distance
  • Move Forward
  • Move Backward
  • Right - To the Signalman
  • Left - To the Signalman
  • Horizontal Distance

Banksman Hand Signal Chart size is 9 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

If you need a different size chart. Feel free to contact us. We can make them any size you like and on any material, not just vinyl sticker material.