Diesel Fuel Only Sticker

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This Diesel Fuel Only Sticker Is in Stock and Ready to Ship.

If you own a diesel truck or heavy equipment chances are you have seen these before. If you have not seen them they are usually near the fuel tank of every diesel vehicle, or on the fuel tank itself.

A big mistake people make is putting gasoline in a diesel tank. You can help reduce this mistake by adding warning labels to each tank, truck, or piece of machinery. This sticker will be the last line of defense against this error. Warning stickers or labels are highly visible and should make someone double-check that the correct fluid is going in the tank.

Unfortunately, all vinyl decals will wear and fade over time and need to be replaced, don't worry we have you covered!

This high-quality Diesel Only sticker is a good choice to replace your old worn-out one. This die-cut sticker is printed in high quality and laminated to protect from sun fading and everyday wear and tear inside or out.

Diesel Fuel Only Sticker size is 2 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

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