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FASSI-1771 Replica Instruction Plate Safety Label


FASSI-1771 Instruction Plate Label.

This FASSI-1771 NON-OEM Instruction Plate Safety Sticker is printed on high-quality vinyl and laminated to protect against sunlight, water, and oil. 

Printed on this sticker are the words.

Instructions for safe use of this crane.

1 Only authorized persons are allowed to operate the crane.
2 The crane must be used on firm, level ground.
3 Check that the vehicle hand brake is on and that the wheels are chocked.

4 Before every operation make sure that:

- no-one is within the working area of the crane
- the safety devices are in place and operative
- the minimum safe working distances from power lines are observed.
- the load is correctly slung and hooked.

5 Stabilize the vehicle by the outrigger rams, making sure that: 

- the lateral supports are fully extended
- the wheels are in contact with the ground and the suspension is not completely unloaded

6 Use the crane in accordance with the use and maintenance manual, making sure that: 

- the load and radii are within the maximum limits shown on the crane capacity plate
- the crane is used progressively avoiding sudden load movements
- swinging or dragging of the load is avoided
- the load is lifted before rotating.

7 When using implements protect the crane working area with a barrier.
8 The vehicle/crane are not left unless the power take off is disengaged and the load is
on the ground.
9 Before driving the vehicle make sure that the outriggers are fully retracted and re-entered, the safety taps closed and the crane is in folded position. 

FASSI-1771 Sticker Size is 8 inches wide by 2 inches tall. MAKE SURE THIS FASSI-1771 REPLICA INSTRUCTION PLATE STICKER IS THE CORRECT SIZE! Contact us to make this sticker the size you want with no design fees!

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