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What Is the Three Points of Contact Rule?

The Three Points of Contact Rule Is to Help Prevent Injury From Falling.

The three points of contact are,either your two hands and one foot or your two feet and one hand. You use these three points to support your body weight while climbing or descending a ladder, mounting or dismounting machinery or platform. You should use three points of contact until you get to the top or bottom and you can no longer keep all three points on the machine or ladder. 

A few things for you to remember when applying the three points of contact rule.

  • Always face toward the vehicle or ladder.
  • Keep your hands and feet clean and clear of mud, dirt or grease.
  • If you need to transport something such as tools or lunchbox. DO NOT carry them in your hands. keep your hand free and use another way to transport your things. something like a hoist rope will work or have someone had them to you if possible.
  • Do not climb and use a tire or anything other than the way the manufacturer intended you to enter the machine. 
  • Do not jump off any machine or ladder.
  • make sure nothing will get tangled like clothes, tool belt, or tools when mounting or dismounting machinery.
  • Make sure your landing area is clean and not full of clutter when climbing or dismounting ladder or machinery.

Here are a few of our 3 points of contact stickers for reference.